Our Services

We guarantee fast and discrete handling of all your business tasks. Our team of highly qualified chartered building surveyors & engineers will bring a speedy resolution to your dispute .

Party Wall

Given the possible difficulties surrounding party wall disputes, we aim to provide the best service possible that perfectly suits your situation. We offer comprehensive and expert party wall consulting services to help you make an informed decision prior to our appointment as your surveyors. Our services include;

  • A free 30-minute phone consultation so that you can discuss any party wall issues which may arise from your proposed project or discuss any current party wall dispute which you may be involved in.
  • The preparation and service of party wall notices; this also includes the monitoring of party wall notices during the notification period and beyond.
  • A review of your drawings and documentation in relation to party wall matters, including a photographic schedule of condition of the adjoining neighbours’ property prior to the commencement of works on site.
  • The preparation and service of party wall awards or as they are more commonly known party wall agreements.

Architectural Design

We also provide architectural services and have over 30 years experience within the construction industry, specifically architectural design. Subsequently, our surveyors have a deep understanding of both design and construction methodology. As chartered building engineers and surveyors we provide the following services;

  • Architectural plans and designs for planning permission, including the necessary supporting documentation i.e. design and access statements, planning statements, design consultations, etc.
  • Construction drawings or building regulation drawings for any proposed building project. These drawings include the necessary foundation designs, wall constructions and  the structural elements necessary for both party wall notices and for an accurately quotation from your building contractor for your proposed works.
  • Structural calculations for steel beams or structural elements. These are provided separately by our associate structural engineers.

We are chartered party wall surveyors and therefore, along with our services, we provide a party wall consultation as part of the design process and then following the completion of drawings serve the appropriate party wall notices.


We are building surveyors who try to provide the best possible service for our clients or appointing owners. Our general building services include;


  • Boundary surveys. We provide 3D scan service along with on-site measurements to provide an accurate and detailed layout of existing boundaries. This also includes a follow-up report which can be used for the resolution of disputes, legal action or mediation.
  • Dispute resolution and mediation. A large proportion of our work consists of dispute resolution. This could include boundary disputes, party wall disputes or general construction disputes.
  • Site supervision and project management. Throughout the year we usually build a number of projects on behalf our clients and as a result our project management and site supervision skills are in high demand.